Industrial Greases

EP greases available here are made using innovative gel technology. These are unique ingredients that enable outstanding oxidation, tremendous pressure, and service life of 50, 000 km or more under optimal operating circumstances. These high-quality automotive greases are provided with a lead-free extreme pressure additive. At DSL Marketing, we make sure that these EP greases provide further resistance to wear, corrosion, and water washout. Temperature range (-) 20C to (+) 200C is recommended, however, it can be used at higher temperatures if regular lubrication is required.
Talking about the features of high temperature greases, these have non-conventional chemistries and hence are used in very high temperature conditions. These greases also feature a thickener which is inducible and is known to have a higher dropping point. Known for strong oxidation resistance, these greases also provide mechanical and thermal stability. With their use, there is a zero possibility of coking and lacquer formation. The application of high temperature greases is common in the lubrication of elements such as bearings for pre-heater rollers, conveyors, industrial painting lines, oven fan bearings, and others.
Severe temperature conditions cause the use of lubricants with remarkable characteristics. Our low-temperature greases are designed to perform at these low temperatures, which can reach -60C sometimes. These enable you to form a lubricant coating practically instantly at extremely low temperatures, limiting wear caused by friction, particularly during startup. The perceived viscosity remains functional, promoting grease flow and ensuring proper functioning. Our low-temperature greases are ideal for lubricating various equipment, such as snow equipment, aviation & aerospace equipment, railway equipment, conveyor belts, rollers in cold storage, and many others.

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