Heavy Duty Greases

Product Image (Rocol SAPPHIRE Hi-Pressure 2)

Rocol SAPPHIRE Hi-Pressure 2

Heavy duty bearing grease fortified with molybdenum disulphide. Designed for the effective lubrication and protection of plain bearings and sliding surfaces used in extreme environments, particularly in heavily loaded, slow moving applications. Combines the resilience of a clay thickener with the addition of molybdenum disulphide ensuring that a lubricating film exists under the most extreme loadings where the grease film can be squeezed out.

Product Image (KRAFFT KL COMPLEX 2000)

KL Complex 2000 - 1100 cst( Tacky Heavy Duty Bearing Grease)

Lithium complex grease with solid lubricants and adhesion improver: for very high load and low speed.

Product Image (KRAFFT S I T E L A - 2 )


SITELA-2 is a grease based on polyurea thickener and mineral oil, with special additives: anticorrosion, antioxidant and antiwear. It has a high drop point and high stability against water. It is a long lasting grease to be used between -25 up to -170C. SITELA-2 is free of lead, heavy metals and other products detrimental to the environment.


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