High Temperature Greases

Talking about the features of high temperature greases, these have non-conventional chemistries and hence are used in very high temperature conditions. These greases also feature a thickener which is inducible and is known to have a higher dropping point. Known for strong oxidation resistance, these greases also provide mechanical and thermal stability. With their use, there is a zero possibility of coking and lacquer formation. The application of high temperature greases is common in the lubrication of elements such as bearings for pre-heater rollers, conveyors, industrial painting lines, oven fan bearings, and others.
Product Image (Krafft KL Complex 150-200-280)

Lithium Complex Grease

Grease based on complex lithium soap and mineral oil, with adhesion improvers. It is very stable against the water and provides outstanding anticorrosion properties. It contains chemical and solid Extreme Pressure additives (a synergetic mixture of graphite and disulphide of molybdenum). Free of lead, heavy metals and other products detrimental to the environment.

Product Image (Sapphire Ultra)

Rocol Sapphire Premier High Temperature Grease

Favouable for high & low temperature & speed as well.


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