EP Greases

EP greases available here are made using innovative gel technology. These are unique ingredients that enable outstanding oxidation, tremendous pressure, and service life of 50, 000 km or more under optimal operating circumstances. These high-quality automotive greases are provided with a lead-free extreme pressure additive. At DSL Marketing, we make sure that these EP greases provide further resistance to wear, corrosion, and water washout. Temperature range (-) 20C to (+) 200C is recommended, however, it can be used at higher temperatures if regular lubrication is required.
Product Image (Krafft KEP Series)

Multi Purpose Lithium Grease

HIGH PERFORMANCE GREASE FOR HIGH LOADS WITH MoS2 Lubricant for mechanisms with metal-metal contact under high loads.

Product Image (Krafft KHD-KMS)

Krafft Kep Series

LUBEKRAFFT KEP is a range of multipurpose grease based on lithium soap, high viscous mineral oil and anti-wear, extreme pressure, antioxidant and anticorrosion additives. It is free of lead, heavy metals and other products detrimental to the environment.

Product Image (SAPPHIRE 2)


Heavy duty blue bearing grease designed for the effective lubrication and protection of all types of ball, roller and plain bearings. Designed for normal use typically applied by greasegun or keg pump.


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