Marine And Offshore Lubricants

Marine and offshore lubricants can be acquired online here. Just check the range listed here and send us an inquiry. Corrosion of port infrastructure and harbor cranes is sped up by seawater, rain, and high humidity, while cables, winches, and gears are subjected to severe pressures from wind, waves, and tides. In this case, every disruption causes complex rescheduling and incurs considerable expenditures. As a result, we are offering specialty lubricants (marine and offshore lubricants) that are exactly tailored to the demands of ports and locks. Because of high environmental regulations, they boost performance and efficiency, contribute to safety, and promote sustainability.
Product Image (Wire Shield)

Rocol Wireshield

  • Application:WIRE ROPE GREASE
  • Type:GREASE
Product Image (WIRE ROPE Dressing)


Semi-fluid grease based on highly refined mineral oil and an organically modified clay thickener. The unique blend of lubricating solids reduces the internal friction and wear often encountered in multi-strand wire ropes. Highly resistant to water and provides excellent corrosion protection making it suitable for use in salt water environments even under water.



Product information BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is a biodegradable lubricant for wire ropes and umbilicals. Read our latest Case Studies from: EMAS CHIYODA Fugro Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants are often quoted as having reduced performance capabilities when compared to traditional mineral oil lubricants. A No Compromise approach has been taken to the development of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD, leading to its performance capabilities being equal to or greater than mineral oil competitors. In-house laboratory tests and extensive field trials with some of the largest wire rope and umbilical users and manufacturers in the world have repeatedly proven the quality of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD.

Product Image (TUFLUBE Allweather)

TUFLUBE Allweather

Extreme heavy duty, versatile and highly adhesive grease suited to a wide range of applications. Protects heavily loaded mechanisms in the wettest and most corrosive conditions. It is the ideal lubricant to protect jacking and open gear systems in marine, offshore and freshwater environments, where the protection of critical assets is of utmost importance. Highly adhesive, high load grease which can even be applied underwater. Continue operating even when used in submerged or tidal flow conditions.


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