Aerospace Lubricants

What exactly are Aerospace Lubricants? Lubricants used in aerospace applications such as space travel, commercial airplanes, and defense are similar to other lubricants but must meet higher performance standards. To be categorized as an aircraft lubricant, items must satisfy the standards and quality compliance cited by the government. Our range of aerospace lubricants is assured to comply with the prescribed standards. The lubricants evaluate many performance characteristics, such as corrosion resistance, shear stability, compatibility, and water sensitivity.
Product Image (AEROSPEC 100)

Low Temperature, Semi-fluid Aerospace Grease

AEROSPEC 100 is trusted by Aerospace & Defence engineers across the world due to its performance and reliability. It is a lithium soap based semi-fluid low temperature aerospace grease containing a synthetic di-ester base oil. The high lubricity of this premium performance grease increases heat dissipation and reduces operating temperatures, therefore extending component life and improving reliability.

Product Image (AEROSPEC 533)

Extreme Low Temperature Silicone Grease

AEROSPEC 533 silicone aerospace grease is approved to JSD XG 315 amongst others and is designed to be used in pneumatic systems widely found in ships and on aircraft.

Product Image (AEROSPEC 3052)

Air frame grease

AEROSPEC 3052 is a general purpose airframe grease is a lithium complex grease containing a blend of synthetic base oils specifically developed for general airframe lubrication.


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